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Scammers attempt to gain access to a user's account by taking advantage of weakly secured voicemail inboxes. In doing so, they can figure out.

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A new phishing scam uses voicemail notification emails to spread malware. Phishing is a technique used by criminals in which they send you an email.

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Whatsapp users are being warned of a new scam which could give hackers complete access to your account and lock you out in the process.

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Email purporting to be from cross platform IM application WhatsApp claims that the recipient has a new voicemail that can be accessed by.

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The website Hoax Slayer says: “Be wary of any email that claims that you have a voice message from WhatsApp and should click a button to.

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any of the following describes a message you receive, via WhatsApp or email: For more information about hoax messages in general, please read our blog.

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WhatsApp users are being targeted by a scam attacking weakly secured voicemail boxes. Revealed: Govt releases emails, WhatsApp messages on Derek By capitalising on users not changing the default voicemail.